I have another domain that I registered back in my country, the domain extension was .web.id. I have it since 2011. It’s a long journey isn’t it? I registered this domain from indotophost.com. This site is a reseller site from Digital Registra. I didn’t know this part tho, until I stumble upon a problem. Back then, I didn’t have any problem to renew my domain name. But this year, seems that I have to let go this domain. Indotophost didn’t respon to my request for this year’s invoice. No reply from ticket, no reply from emails. Nothing. So I check my domain name registrar using whois, and it directs me to Digital Registra. I wrote emails to them, just to be rejected.

Maybe you can just say, “come on, just transfer your domain to somewhere else”. I wish I could, The problem lies on EPP Code. I don’t have this, but my domain registrars have it. In this case, indotophost and digital registra. Because my registrar using his credentials to register my domain. Which, of course, it difference than mine. I can’t do anything. I don’t care about the files I’ve put in this web, because I never hosted my files along with the domain registration. I always self-hosted it. It’s safer.

Back to this case, I can’t more dissapointed to both of this provider. So, if you want to register your .id domain, please re-consider. The renewal procedures are so complicated if your provider sucks. Never register your domain from indotophost, its services suck. I don’t know about Digital Registra since I never directly buy a domain from them. But, I will avoid them and their resellers in the future. Since I can’t renew my domain unless I register it directly from them.

I guess, I’ll have to wait until the domain is available to be purchased again in the future. For now, I’ll just continue on this website


Update. Domosquare has just renew my domain until 2019. At least I won’t be worried about it for 1 year. Proly will moved my domain name there