What you need: Android phone; Windows 10 PC Time required: 15 minutes

You can now sync Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana between your Windows 10 PC and Android phone so that you can receive phone notifications on your PC.  As well as being alerted to any missed calls and text messages, you can also set it to receive notifications from any apps on your phone. I’ll show you how to set up this handy feature.


First, ensure you’re logged into your PC with your Microsoft account. To do that, open Settings, then click  Accounts. If you see Local Account Administrator at the top, click the ‘Sign in with a Microsoft account instead’ link, then sign in. You should now see your Microsoft email address at the top. Next, click in the search bar, click the Settings icon, then switch on the ‘Send notifications and information between devices’ slider. Finally,  click ‘Edit sync settings’ and ensure that Mobile is switched on.







Now install and open the Cortana app (www.snipca.com/24797) on your Android phone. Tap Agree, log in using the same Microsoft account you used on your PC, then keep tapping Allow until you see the option to add Cortana to your lock screen (tap Skip if you don’t want this). You’ll now see any pending notifications and reminders set up on your phone. Tap the tickbox icon to create to-do lists and the newspaper icon to read the latest news stories. Tap the microphone icon to start speaking to Cortana (suggested commands appear in the bar at the bottom). To sync your  phone’s notifications with your PC, click your profile icon, Settings, ‘Sync notifications’, then keep tapping Allow until you reach the ‘App notifications sync’ screen.





Now switch the first three sliders on or off to determine which notifications you want to receive on your PC. Next, tap the ‘App notifications sync’ slider, ‘Got it’, then tap the slider beside Cortana. Finally, tap  ‘Choose which apps to sync’. You’ll see a list of all the apps on your phone with sliders beside them. Switch on the ones you want to receive PC notifications from. You can now reply to phone text messages from your PC.  Open your PC’s Action Centre to see a list of all your phone’s notifications.