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March 1, 2018

Germany's capital was once known primarily for its Cold War stand-offs, with the Berlin Wall looming as a potent symbol of all that was bad about East–West relations. Then the Wall came down and Berlin was reunited. It now has one of Europe’s most buzzing arts, cultural and media scenes and boasts a host of new skyscrapers, nightclubs and fashion stores that make it one of the capitals of cool. In short, Berlin is again one of Europe's great...

February 28, 2018

London has a different market for all the days and all the ways there is cash to spend. It has street markets, indoor markets, markets in arcades, archways and shipping containers, markets selling fish and meat or fruit and vegetables or bric-a-brac, book fairs, flea markets, car-boots and pop-ups, vinyl fairs, collectibles and antique bazaars, makers' markets and art fairs, farmers' markets, Christmas markets and charity fetes, street-food markets,...

January 4, 2018

Our car wanders through the farthest parts of Bengkulu, where Ikhsan lives with his wife and two children. We pass by Fort Marlborough, which was constructed by the 18th-century British venture the East India Company (EIC). Fort Marlborough has gone down in history as the second largest British fort in the Asia-Pacific region, following one in India. It now stands in the centre of Bengkulu with its cannon facing the vast Indian Ocean. As our car...

January 3, 2018

It takes a few moments for the reason to register: I’ve just flown the brand-new kangaroo route by Garuda Indonesia, giving me just enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee before continuing my journey in utter comfort (I’m not going to lie; I fell asleep again). It’s fortunate really, because if there’s anything my final destination requires, it’s ironman levels of energy. The fall and rise of the Greater Blue Mountains Let’s get one thing...

November 30, 2017

First advice to visitors to Finland: don’t try telling your hosts that Santa Claus comes from anywhere else. Its Nordic neighbours of Sweden and Norway make especially spurious claims to be the home of the gentleman in question, but his official residence is in the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. That’s it. Don’t argue. It is appropriate, then, that the Finnish capital celebrates this time of the year, not so much with panache, but rather...

Autumn 2017
October 18, 2017

Some people say that autumn brings back memories. Wistful, sad, dejected and many more emotions mixed up. Here's some collections of autumn in Göttingen. I wish that you will have some happiness instead of sad emotions....