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The Story of Dodol
October 29, 2018

There’s a cultural revolution in the narrative power of food. It’s all about the story, and even Michelin-star chefs are succumbing to the tales of taste, to kitchen myths and the heritage of home cooking. In Indonesia, cultural traditions and cuisine go hand in hand, and the more powerful the fable, the better the flavour.Enter, dodol. This curiously named toffeesoft, caramel-flavoured, elegantly sweet, small and chewy confection goes back...

October 3, 2018

Ipoh got rich quick thanks to its tin reserves. Though the mining industry is long gone, the one-time El Dorado is capitalising on other treasures: its rich heritage and happening foodie scene.Nestled snugly among limestone hills in the Kinta Valley, Ipoh is two hours north of Kuala Lumpur on the epic railroad that runs all the way from Singapore to Bangkok. The Eastern & Oriental Express train service shunts back and forth on this very...

August 31, 2018

There has been an evolution in the heart of Southeast Sulawesi, transforming a hidden port into a modern city with iconic architecture nestled around a bay. I stopped by to witness the Kendari dynamic.A decade after my first visit, the face of Kendari has truly changed. Then, the views across most of the city consisted of flat and peaceful peatlands. Now, Kendari is awash with new colours. It’s like visiting somewhere totally different.A...

August 30, 2018

India’s greatest metropolis is a riot of experiences crammed into one of the world’s densest, most vibrant urban cores. Discover how to make the most of a threeday stay in Mumbai – and you’ll be sure to find yourself coming back for more.Three days is not enough for Mumbai. Three years is not enough for Mumbai. Three lifetimes would not be enough for Mumbai. At least, that is, for those who understand its singular rhythm and know how to...

Indotophost + Digital Registra Reviews
August 2, 2018

I have another domain that I registered back in my country, the domain extension was .web.id. I have it since 2011. It's a long journey isn't it? I registered this domain from indotophost.com. This site is a reseller site from Digital Registra. I didn't know this part tho, until I stumble upon a problem. Back then, I didn't have any problem to renew my domain name. But this year, seems that I have to let go this domain. Indotophost didn't respon to...

July 31, 2018

For anyone with a liking for art, music, dining, festivals and the good life lived 24 hours a day, the Spanish city of Barcelona is irresistible – especially in summer. Although Barcelona has a 2,000-year history, it presents itself as a progressive, confident and contemporary city of sunlit waterfronts, kilometers of beaches, excellent restaurants and theaters, and, of course, its landmark Gaudí cathedral. The Catalan city’s indulgent spirit...